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Case Study

NBE Exam Prep



Company Name: NBE Exam Prep

NBE Exam Prep is an online training program that helps prepares students to pass the state board exam for the funeral service industry.


We engaged in a discovery process with NBE Exam Prep, which included scheduled brainstorming sessions, market research analysis, and strategy.  We did a deep dive into the problems students were experiencing when trying to prepare for the exam. What we uncovered  at Platow Designs, was a deeper understanding of the actual set of problems that NBE Exam Prep was trying to solve.


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  • The funeral services field does not have many quality study resources for aspiring students.
  •  If a student fails the exam, the test results are not revealed, which makes it a challenge to review what you got wrong.



Multiple Choice Quiz System

We developed a custom quiz system which was broken down into 20 question modules. This allowed students to go through a short set of questions within a topic and quickly see results. 



NBE Exam Prep wanted analytics immediately generated once a person finishes taking a quiz. This would enable students to track their progress over a period of time. 


Stripe Payment Gateway

NBE will charge a one-time fee for access to the platform for a set period of time.  We decided to go with Stripe which would allow users to make payments directly within the platform and register for an account at the same time.


Admin Portal

NBE will need a way to manage users, track app usage and other analytics, so we developed an admin portal which will enable them manage the application.

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