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Case Study

NBE Online Prep



Company Name: NBE Exam Prep

NBE Exam Prep is an online application that prepares students to sit for the National Board Exam for the funeral service industry. 


The National Board Exam for the funeral services industry does not currently have many quality study resources.  The state exam is only allowed to be taken up to three times, and if an individual fails the exam, the test results are not revealed, which makes it a challenge to prepare to take the exam again and not waste time or money.   





Progressive web app.

NBE wanted a way for users to easily access the online prep. So we decided to go with a progressive web app, which is a web app with mobile app features, such as app icon to be installed on the home screen for easy access, push notifications, and offline access. 



NBE Exam Prep wanted analytics immediately generated once a person finishes taking a quiz. This would enable students to track their progress over a period of time. 


Stripe Payment Gateway

NBE will charge a one-time fee for access to the platform for a set period of time.  We decided to go with Stripe which would allow users to make payments directly within the platform and register for an account at the same time.


Admin Portal

NBE will need a way to manage users, track app usage and other analytics, so we developed an admin portal which will enable them manage the application. 

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