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Expedience Heating and cooling


How We redesigned and revamped Expedience Heating and Cooling’s online presence.

Expedience Heating and Cooling was looking for a fresh new look for their existing website. We sat down with them and were able to uncover other pain points besides wanting to  redesign of the website.   We were  able to recognize and fix other issues with the site such as, and outdated SSL certificate which posed a security threat. We also noticed that their existing  website was not responsive on mobile devices and tablet devices.  Expedience Heating and Cooling also  wanted their customers to be able to submit reviews either through google or directly on the site. 


Website Redesign of Expedience Heating and Cooling



  • Redesign and Rebrand website.
  • Fix mobile responsiveness
  • Enable SSL certificate
  •  Enable SSL certificate


  • We came up with a really nice set of color combinations matching their brand new logo and layouts from the example website templates.
  • We were able to gain access to the dashboard of their hosting provider and re-enable their SSL certificate which will help ensure their site is more secure for their visitors by encrypting their uses sensitive information.
  • We implemented a mobile-optimized design for phones and tablet devices. 
  • For the submissions of reviews, we found a premium plugin with good support called the WordPress business review bundle,  which syncs all reviews submitted through google directly to their website and also allows users to submit reviews



“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Doe, Divi CEO